Words are the Secret to Successful Marketing

One of the first lessons you learn in Marketing is the process and effect of word usage.  Aside from the glimmer of Ads and imagery, the next most powerful impact on an Advertisement are the Words.

When reviewing various Websites and marketing spaces, you will notice how each Word can alter the entire sphere of a campaign. Some are noted to grab the attention of readers while others are persuasive in retaining that same attention. When a page, site or Ad uses the right Words, it can make all the difference for both the company and the consumer.

Words to Advertise By

In the Advertising sector of the world, it is easiest to categorize the intention of a Word versus the actual verbage itself. Specific uses and dialogue are geared for the intention of the advertiser. You will recognize the key words on popular sites you most likely visit often. Online stores and ads designed to attract a visit to their site puts their words to work in a variety of ways.

Words to Advertise By

Creating a Personalized Connection– One way to rise above the rest is by creating a personal connection with the consumer. The right sequence of words takes the sales aspect of the ad and converts them into a customized appeal. When consumers feel like a VIP, they are more apt to continue shopping then those who take a number and wait in line. Repeat shoppers who sign in will see references such as “especially for you” or “we thought you might like this”. Turning an impersonal online experience into a friendly visit have had long term positive results.

Words That Call Out to Consumers- Walking into the store it is hard to miss the big red signs that yell Clearance! or Sale! at the tops of racks. Without using the cliché word bubble, Marketers have found incorporating terms such as free, discounts and sale are just as useful in gaining attention. Customers are naturally inclined to look for deals. Once they have spotted a way to save, the next step is to use words to retain their attention on your page.

Need it Now! – Impromptu and impulsive buying has its own country on the shopping map. Instilling a sense of urgency to the Advertising palate will let the customer know there is a limited time to purchase the service or item. This method bypasses the assessment of whether they need the product while placing an emphasis on needing it right now.

Special Attention- As the customer is glancing over the site, words that make them feel special or exclusive are persuasive to say the least. Having an item, set or pricing especially designed for you will prompt a second look potentially resulting in a purchase. When consumers feel they are cared for and taken care of, they are more likely to return for future purchases. Words are the truth dressed beautifully for the occasion. Using them productively will offer benefits to both the customer and the company. This strategy is a way to bring together the eloquence of Words and the savvy side of Marketing.