Types of Online Marketing – Part 3

Our concluding part to the different types of online marketing looks at social media importance and affiliate marketing. Parts one and two of this blog reinforced the ethos that all good online marketing is a mix of different strategies. If you take one strategy to base your online marketing on then it will not work, you will need a combination of different elements for a truly cohesive and effective strategy.

One element that should be part of your combination online marketing strategy is SMM or social media marketing. Unlike traditional marketing which is normally print or perhaps radio and television, online marketing is completely different. It continuously embraces new technologies and addresses new ways of harnessing new technologies and utilizing them.


Social Media Marketing, or SEM can be a powerful addition to your overall online marketing strategy. Many different avenues of business have found that social media marketing suits their style of business better than any other form of advertising or marketing.

A fine example of this is restaurants, a Facebook or Twitter page dedicated to your restaurant can inform users of new items on the menu, opening and closing times, directions to your business and best of all, posts of diners who have enjoyed dining at your premises.

SEM is a great way to reach multiple people who have all got the same interests, it is particularly good at building brand equity. As well as a way of improving customer service through feedback in related posts. If you can find a way of making your social media content of value to others they will often re-post to other groups thus expanding your net.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other people’s products either on your website or an affiliate network in a blog or piece of content you have written. Normally the revenue gained is in the form of commission if there is a sale in response to your affiliate marketing. It is a form of revenue sharing, if you have a product and want to increase sales you can offer a reward to affiliate or an incentive to advertise your wares. If you do not have a product but have a means of promoting one then you can reach out to affiliates to promote theirs.

Email Marketing

The final segment of our online marketing blog is that of e-mail marketing. For a long time businesses have tried to harness the power of e-mails for their benefit. It is a way to provide information to a vast number of people anywhere on the planet. It is a form of direct contact and is also personal.

In a few easy clicks you can send out a blanket message to numerous email addresses in a matter of just minutes. Most CRM systems have software designed especially for this type of marketing. There are other great tools on the internet that can be used to customize these mails so it does not just look like spam mail.

At the end of it all, online marketing is all about getting your brand to as many people as possible who may be interested. It is a form of marketing that is far cheaper than traditional methods and this form of marketing is only going to get more powerful in the future.