Types of Online Marketing – Part 2

In part one of our blog we saw how important online marketing is to your business. And the very first step of the process is getting your brand known. To do this you have to appear in search engine results, so when people type what they require in Google or Yahoo, your website appears on the first page.

A good search engine optimization strategy will get your site ranking higher and therefore more visible to potential customers. But you can also use online tools and methods of marketing to give your website a much needed boost especially if your business is new. This can involve search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising.


As we stated in part one of our blog there are many acronyms in online marketing and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and PPC equates to Pay per Click. Both these forms of advertising are paid, and you are basically buying advertising space from Google or Yahoo to try and appear on the advertising front page of search results related to your business. Perhaps the most popular for of this strategy is Google Adwords which is quite a complicated strategy and really you will have to get a digital marketing professional to run this campaign for you. Essentially is works on a series of key words that are related to your business, and for every single click on your site from a new visitor you pay Google.

Content Marketing

There has long been a phrase bandied around in online marketing circles that content is king. Basically, content on a website is the information contained on the site. This could be in the form of landing pages or blog pages and according to the Content Marketing Institute, they describe content marketing as a strategic approach of creating relevant and consistent information that will attract and keep the attention of a targeted audience, and will ultimately drive a profitable action by the customer.

Content marketing is a continuous process of online marketing that focuses on relevant parts of your business without trying to blatantly sell. This could include technical white papers, how-to-do videos, new regulation information etc.

Add Value to Your Site

It is all about adding value to your customers online experience when they visit your site, your content firstly will attract visitors, then keep their attention and finally provoke them to do a positive action. Whether that is filling online form, or better still making a purchase. It does not matter what online marketing strategy you have decided to embark on, content marketing should be the link that binds all the different marketing elements on your site together. It should also be regularly updated and changed, keeping your site fresh and interesting for regular customers who visit often is an important factor.

One of the most valuable assets your site can possibly have is to be looked at as a reference site, a place of resource and knowledge. That way other sites may link to yours and thus by doing this they are actually endorsing your website. We continue our journey into online marketing in our concluding part of this blog.

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