Best and Worst Websites Ever

We may not always judge a book by its cover; however, when it comes to businesses, we nearly always judge them by their websites. First impressions really do count, especially when it comes to things displayed online.

In an earlier post we looked at some of the most important aspects to consider when making a great website. This time around we will be taking a closer look at some of the best and, indeed, some of the worst websites around. The golden rule is to make sure that your website is easy for people, especially new ones, to navigate. Website users get turned off when they have to search hard for the information that they are looking for.

The Worst of the Worst!

Without further delay let’s delve into some of the worst websites around. The important thing here is that we’re not trying to cause trouble or pain for any web masters, we simply highlight some of the best and the worst!

Yale University of Art

Pretty much anything connected to Yale University is going to be good, isn’t it? However, what you can find at the following address – – seems to not hit the mark. First thing that you’ll notice is that some of the text actually disappears off the right-hand side of the page. I haven’t seen this on the website before so can only assume it’s some form of error.

Secondly, there’s some contact details at the top, however, it’s very hard to actually read them, the text is small and the colors really don’t work very well.

And finally, there is some handwritten text that springs out of nowhere. Again, this text doesn’t seem to be very easy to comprehend and you would question its purpose. If you are ranking this website and giving it some kind of score, then I’d think it’s going to be something around a D minus with some notation suggesting it could be better!

Of course, when it comes to bad websites, the reality is that they often get taken down and updated. So, finding one that sticks around is hard to do. This is why we are particularly pleased to find a live one as bad as the Yale University one shown above!

The Best of the Best!

Whilst it is an emotive subject, picking the best website example isn’t really that difficult. If we were talking about glitz and glamour, then this site probably wouldn’t feature as our top pic. However, if we are choosing a website that functions properly across all platforms and provides users with all the info they could ever want, then perhaps it is no surprise that we opt for the Wikipedia website.

Although it dates back to 2013, the Mashable website also concurred that Wiki is indeed one of the best websites around. Here is there article that showed the results of the top 15 websites according to Reddit users. Although we have only covered one of the worst and best, we hope that you agree with our findings.